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How to Make Your Hair Thick and Strong

Thick and strong hair is one of the most prominent signs of beauty for women, and many women strive to get thick and long hair to highlight their beauty in it, and today in our article we will show you a set of the 5 most important natural oils to intensify light hair that is of interest to every woman.

Hair intensifies

Hair intensification is one of the most common goals that women seek to highlight their beauty despite the common problem of hair loss among women, as well as thinning hair and baldness.

Therefore, many women tend to intensify their hair through the available natural methods suitable for physical conditions such as natural oils.

The cause of hair loss and thinning hair is due to the presence of psychological stress and tension or the presence of a deficiency in hormones, pollution, lack of nutrition and allergies as well, or the use of some products that do not fit the hair and are unhealthy and the negligence of hair has a role in its loss or the presence of a genetic factor that helps hair loss.

Many women use oils to naturally and beautifully thicken hair.

How to make your hair thick and Strong

There are many ways to help make your hair thick, strong, long, and more beautiful, and these are:

  • Choose the right products for your hair, and they should not contain sulfur because most cheap shampoos and conditioners contain sulfur and many chemicals that lead to dry and damaged hair.
  • Eat healthy foods that increase hair density and promote its natural growth by eating foods that include proteins such as dairy, meat, and poultry.
  • Eat foods that contain various vitamins and zinc, such as vegetables, seeds, and nuts.
  • Not to use hairdryers and irons that damage the hair follicles, lead to weakness and dryness, and thus lead to hair loss.
  • Wet hair should be taken care of by drying it well or leaving it to dry on its own through the air and using a wide-toothed comb for easy removal of tangles.
  • You should not wash the hair with shampoo every day because this behavior leads to hair breakage and hair loss. so the hair should be washed 3 times a week only to keep the hair from damage.
  • The oils contain the necessary acids that your hair needs to increase its density and growth. You can get these oils from flaxseeds after putting them in water for 4 days. Then this liquid is placed on the hair for 20 minutes and then rinsed with water.
  • Doing a warm oil massage for the scalp, such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. The oil must be warm and not too hot to avoid any burns. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood inside the skin, which helps the benefit to reach the roots of the hair and also increases its growth and hydration.
  • Putting the ring on the scalp to provide the scalp with iron and vitamins needed to prevent hair loss.
  • You can benefit from putting the fenugreek on the hair when you put it in water for at least 8 hours, then grind these seeds to get a mixture suitable for hair. Leave a period of 20 minutes on the hair and then wash it easily.
  • Put the avocado paste on the scalp for a period of food and increase its density by mashing an avocado and mixing it with a spoonful of olive oil and massaging the hair with this mixture and leaving 20 minutes and then washing it with warm water.


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