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How do I treat head pain?

A person often feels a state of headache that affects the head area, and this headache can be eliminated by taking some pain reliever tablets, which relieve pain within a few minutes.

Headache is defined as pain, or lack of comfort in the head, the scalp, or the top of the neck, and headache may not be a scary thing in many cases, as head pain most of the time is just fatigue and fatigue, not more, but there are Other times, the headache is the result of a disease, which calls for a person not to be complacent with the headache if it occurs again, or if it is severe and different.

How do I treat head pain

We also talked that treatment and medication for head pain are simple, and it can be treated in a number of ways and means. Among the simplest of these methods and means are, as we mentioned, taking painkillers. but there are cases in which you do not have a pain reliever, or you may be fasting and not able to swallow the medicine.

The most important methods, means, and medication for head pain are the following:

  • Try to take a pain reliever of any kind, but do not increase the dose. The painkiller does not need to consult a doctor. drink some hot drinks, or take a rest and sleep in order to get rid of the pain you are experiencing.
  • You can go for a walk somewhere, in order to feel a state of changing the atmosphere. you can relax in a place you love, and the most important thing that can be done. in this case, is to stay away from the places where the noise is frequent.
  • The cause of the headache may be nervous tension or confusion about something, and high pressure may be one of these reasons. The event that this is the reason, it is possible to get rid of the headache by staying away from the matter that causes stress and nervous tension.
  • You can do a light massage for some of the muscles of the body, as any tension in the muscles causes a state of headache, and massaging the muscles relieves the feeling of pain significantly.
  • Pain can be relieved by exposure to cold, as cold can alleviate the pain that the patient suffers from with a headache, it is possible for the patient to wash his face with a little cold water, while also drinking a dose of cold water.
  • Doing some exercise can relieve the pain as well since if the blood reaches the head it can relieve the pain, and it is said that the best and best sport that a person can practice in the event of a headache is prostration on the ground, by placing the head on the ground as in the posture Prostration.

Cases requiring a visit to the doctor

Sometimes headaches affect serious diseases, so you should consult a doctor or even go to the hospital when experiencing one of these symptoms:

  • The patient may sometimes feel that headache is accompanied by an increased rate of heart palpitations, or slow heart palpitations, which are similar to asphyxia.
  • In the event that the patient’s pain persists, and that he does not respond to treatment and medication through oral analgesics, or if the headache continues for many hours without any improvement.
  • If the headache is accompanied by some other symptoms, such as dizziness or a state of nausea with little vomiting.
  • In the event that the headache becomes a daily thing, not a day goes by without a headache occurring in it, and the patient needs to take painkillers on a daily basis.
  • If the headache pain is accompanied by a high temperature, or pain in other areas of the body, such as pain in the neck or pain in the eyes and chest.
  • In the event that the pain impedes work in daily life, such as going to work or practising normal life.
  • That the patient witnesses an unparalleled headache, especially if he is over the age of fifty.
  • If the patient has previous tumors or immune diseases.

Types of Head Pain

Types of headaches are related to what are the causes that lead to the occurrence of headaches. as there are many types of headaches.

Some of them know what is a normal headache. The cause of which is fatigue and exhaustion. sitting for long hours in front of the television or in front of the computer. This matter is natural to insult Headaches. A person does not need to go to the doctor. It is only possible to take a little pain reliever, and the headache ends completely.

But there are cases that require the occurrence of a case of treatment or see the doctor continuously in order to eliminate the matter causing the headache. The patient He needs to take other medicines in addition to painkillers.

The most important types of headaches are the following:

Tension headache

This headache is in the form of pains on both sides of the head, and from the back as well. and in some cases, it reaches the front as well. and the patient feels as if his head is tied to something tight. and the pain may descend to reach the shoulders and neck as well.

Treatment and medication for such cases are by taking some painkillers And resort to getting rid of psychological and nervous tension.

Cluster headache

This type of headache is very painful and very severe. one of the most important characteristics of this headache is that it lasts for a period of consecutive months or weeks. But this type of headache is not very common among people.

Sinusitis headache

The cause of this headache is bacterial or viral infections that affect the nose area, causing what is known as the sinuses. This headache is in the form of pains in the front of the head and in the front of the face. Its main cause is the occurrence of a case of infections in the sinuses. These sinuses are located behind the nose, eyes, and cheeks. Therefore these areas are subject to headaches, and the headache is severe in the morning hours. The patient feels heavy and inability to move.

This type of headache is treated and treated by taking drugs that treat sinus cases or Take a hot bath.



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