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Do eggs cause gas?

Gas is one of the disturbing things people can experience when consuming certain foodstuffs. Follows the following article to find out whether eggs cause gas or not?

Do eggs cause gas?

In fact, eating eggs cause gases in many people, especially when they are eaten boiled, and this is due to several reasons, including the following:

1. Egg intolerance

Egg intolerance is a problem that occurs when eggs are difficult to digest, which may cause various symptoms.

This problem is the most common cause of stomach gases after eating eggs.

This occurs because the body lacks some enzymes, which work to digest various egg proteins, making it difficult for the digestion process.

Undigested egg proteins travel to the colon and are analyzed by beneficial bacteria, which leads to the production of some gases.

The severity of these gases varies from person to person, as they can be mild in some cases, or severe if they eat large quantities.

This problem is not dangerous, but in most cases it is uncomfortable for most people.

2. Egg allergy

Egg allergy is a common type of allergy in children. Symptoms of allergy usually appear a few minutes to several hours after eating eggs.

Allergies occur due to the immune system attacking the eggs as a foreign body, which leads to the emergence of various symptoms once they are eaten.

These symptoms are divided into symptoms related to the digestive system, such as gas, and other symptoms such as a rash, and other symptoms that may be relatively dangerous.

The severity of the symptoms varies according to the severity of the allergy. Mild allergies may cause some digestive disorders such as stomach gases.

3. Food is accompanying eggs

In other cases, the eggs are not themselves the cause of stomach gases, but rather one of the accompanying foods.

This is because it contain a good amount of sulfur, which works to highlight the appearance of gases produced by other foods.

How do you determine if eggs are cause gas?

To find out whether eggs cause your stomach gases, or one of the other foods, you can follow the diet that you follow, as follows:

  • Limit everything you eat and drink during a specific period
  • Determine which medications you take
  • Record the time and date your gas began
  • Stop eating for specific periods, and then eat them again, to determine whether the symptoms appear again.



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