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10 Weight Loss Tips Safely Guaranteed to Lose Your Pounds with consistent results

If you are looking for weight loss advice, you may have come across many, many more methods called “proven – effective – fast…” such as blocking fats completely – cutting out carbohydrates – stopping eating sugars Exercising in excess, and likely trying diets but it does not work for you and you cannot continue with it.

In fact, there is no fast-food diet that is equally effective for everyone, because the response of each person’s body varies according to many factors, the most important of which are genetic – structural, physical, and even psychological, in short, there is no standard rule, but there are weight loss tips that can guarantee a steady loss of kilograms.

10 – Cut calories smartly and cleverly

The first trend always to lose weight depends on reducing the calories that are supplied to the body, because eating fewer calories than those needed by the body will push it to consume its stores, which means losing weight.

But the relationship between reducing calories and losing weight is not a linear relationship. In the beginning, the rate of loss is large, but it decreases with time because the body loses carbohydrates – proteins – water – vitamins – minerals, and others with weight. Therefore, in order to lose weight continuously, the calories must be gradually reduced.

And the same number of calories does not affect the same way, for example, 100 calories of broccoli (you can go up to a very large bowl of broccoli) are completely different from 100 calories of peanut butter (which does not exceed one tablespoon of butter).

9 – Cut the way to the carbohydrate ring

Here is the story of carbohydrates in the body: You eat carbohydrates (bread – pasta – potatoes – rice – pastries …). Glucose enters the bloodstream, meaning the level of sugar rises, and here begins the role of insulin, which works to restore the balance of blood sugar by preventing the body from obtaining energy from Fat cells, but makes it burn sugar and consume it, and here two things will happen:

The first is that if your meal contains fats, these fats will be stored directly without there being a chance to burn them because sugars are now the source of energy.

And because the body consumes sugars (while inhibiting the role of fats), it is natural that it needs more energy (carbohydrates) and thus you will crave more of them and you will eat extra quantities and get stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction to carbohydrates and sugars and you will gain more weight.

8 – Reduce the fat, but do not fight it completely

If you do not want to store fats, do not eat fats, it is a fairly healthy equation, but you do not have to fight fats completely. The body needs it, but in small quantities, and it needs healthy, unsaturated types of them specifically, as there are a lot of fatty tissues that make up the body’s organs (the brain for example) in addition Fats can provide you with long-term satiety.

So make sure to stay away from saturated, refined, and hydrogenated fats such as ready-made and fried foods and others, at the same time you can eat a small number of healthy fats found in fatty fish – nuts – soy milk – avocado – olive oil …

7.While eating, focus on eating

Either you eat along with another activity (you work on the computer – watch TV – read newspapers …) or you eat because you do something else (you eat sweets or crackers with a movie – while reading or studying, you eat food …) or you do something else while eating Because you do not have enough time (get some work done during lunch – eat fast food quickly …).

Unfortunately, you have to stop doing all of this! You have to focus on eating until you eat the amount you need and do not go over the limit, but how? It’s simple. Make sure you chew every bite well – focus on the taste – don’t bring your work to the dining table – separate eating and other activities …

6 – Why should you lose weight? Why do you have to continue?

When deciding to pursue weight loss advice or want to stick to a fast-food diet, you should think of two things: Why should you lose weight? Why do you have to continue the program or the advice? If you do not have the answer to it, do not start.

You must have a clear goal such as that you want to lose 5 kilograms to become in better health – to be able to breathe well – so that you can wear certain clothes – so that you look more graceful and elegant … and remind yourself of this goal whenever you are tired or bored and so you will be able to continue.

You can rely on support from others, such as participating in the goal of losing weight with a group that encourages each other, and you can also ask for help from your family and friends to motivate you and to understand what you are doing so that you avoid many situations that you apologize for about eating certain unhealthy foods.

5 – Stop emotional eating and do not pour feelings into food

Unfortunately, we don’t always eat to satisfy our hunger, nor to silence the loud stomach and chirping of birds there, so why do we eat? Think about the answer and remember the answers, and you will find a lot. We eat when feeling bored and in the evening after a day full of fatigue and exhaustion. We eat when we feel tension and anger and when we suffer from feelings of loneliness …

If you’re going to eat because you’re bored, try doing the things you love, watch the movie, Exercise, go for a walk in a park, but don’t eat.

In case you feel tired, try meditation, get some sleep, drink a cup of green tea or a calming herbal tea.

As for tension and anger, try emptying your feelings into something completely different. Write or draw, or you can cry …

And when you suffer from feelings of loneliness, communicate with your friends before you communicate with the food fridge, meet with them and do various activities.

4 – Keep eating hours too far from bedtime

Eating during the hours when you are most active and reducing or abstaining from food in the time near sleep is one of the most important things and tips for weight loss the most effective because the body will consume what you eat during your activity and it will have plenty of time for that while eating And sleep means that the bulk will be stored.

So, you can make sure of the following points:

Refrain from eating 4 hours before bedtime, and if you feel hungry, eat healthy foods that raise the metabolism rate: lettuce – cucumber – orange – apple – yogurt – yogurt with lemon …

Eat a filling breakfast while omitting dinner or make it very light (eat more of your food during the day).

Work on fasting for 12-14 hours from the last meal 4 hours or more before bedtime, until breakfast the next day.

3 – Near the eye, close to the heart … even food

So far, you have 8 weight loss tips based on reducing carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, and adopting healthy foods in a healthy way, but will this be possible when you have a whole cabinet full of light foods and sweets and when your fridge contains a lot of prepared foods?

Of course not, on the contrary, you will crave it because it is close, but believe me, not because of the taste, because your love for a certain taste is nothing but a habit that you get used to, in other words, you have to turn things around, i.e. keep the apples in a plate on the dining table, leave a bowl of carrots, lettuce, and a cut option near you.

2 – Drink more water even if you do not feel thirsty

Why is drinking water and regulating it one of the most important weight loss advice? In fact, waterworks to achieve your goal of losing weight in more than one way, namely:

Often times the body suffers from dehydration, but this is translated as a feeling of hunger, and you may not be able to differentiate between feeling thirsty and feeling hungry, so every time you feel hungry, drink a cup of water, it may be unreal hunger resulting from thirst and here you turned it off. It may be real hunger and you have eased it.

  • Drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal will fill your stomach and push you to eat less food compared to the usual amount you eat.
  • The body has many advantages from drinking water on an open stomach, one of which is stimulating the stomach and regulating the digestive juices, which means a fast and healthy digestion process, thus reducing fat storage.
  • Drinking water rejuvenates you, so you don’t need to eat sweet food rich in sugars to keep you energized or to overcome fatigue and boredom.

1 – Move – Be Active – Do Exercise

We got to the last point but it is very effective and I’ll divide it into 3 parts:

Move more Do the tasks that require you to move even if your office work. Take breaks and move around the office – adopt the stairs and do not go up the elevator – to places that you can go to by walking Do not take the car – do housework …

Be more active Even those tasks that need movement and even the things you will do to get moving, you have to do them actively, not lazy and slow.

Do exercises and I am not telling you to win the Olympiad, not to participate in a club, or to buy special sports equipment. All there is to do is simple exercises 10 – 15 minutes a day – you can dance or jump rope – go up and down the stairs ….



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